Innovation for Individualists.

A sign of the times, the will to perform and passion: every new model range inspires Lorinser to come up with blistering performances on a design and technology front. Creations and solutions adapted to the potential of every model constantly drive our development.

Time for something special.

Craftsmanship and expertise, innovation and feeling. Every Lorinser model developed in Winnenden is a masterpiece of German engineering. Lorinser has been setting standards throughout the entire industry with its revolutionary developments for over 30 years. The pinnacle of technical expertise, coupled with instinct and intuition, produces an unmistakable result. This is where automotive dreams become reality, for creating and implementing visionary concepts take priority at Lorinser. The results can be felt – Lorinser cars exude this feeling and never fail to inspire and excite.

The embodiment of perfection.

Every tweak is right. Everything has been planned and nothing has been left to chance. The knowledge of being part of something special inspires every member of staff at Lorinser. We employ people who are experts in their field. And this is precisely what generates curiosity and fascination among manufacturers and, later, among drivers. This is Lorinser’s goal.

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