Exhaust systems


It is needless to say that an appropriate exhaust system is part of the visual modification. In this regard, Lorinser also offers an ideal and upmarket solution. Lorinser exhaust systems are not only a premium product in respect of appearance and quality; the sound experience has been powerfully improved as well. Lorinser turns your vehicle into a real optical and acoustic pleasure.    

We set our sights on equipping Mercedes-Benz vehicles with high-quality materials that generate that certain something. In doing so we certainly place special emphasis on the exhaust system as well. We joined together with suppliers that observe all quality standards and work according to our company philosophy. In conjunction we plan each single exhaust system with the utmost care in order to be able to present a product in the end that not only causes a change, but real refinement indeed. 

Find the suitable exhaust system for your car under the menu item “vehicles”.

Die für Ihr Fahrzeug passende Abgasanlage finden Sie unter Menüpunkt "Fahrzeuge". 

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