Lorinser Infiniti FX

Every street needs a leader.

The Infiniti FX from Lorinser / With its long hood and its impressive front, yet the basic model of the Infiniti FX is a breathtaking sight. Thanks to Lorinser, the 4-door SUV gains an extra of sportiness. Shapely, aerodynamic parts, exhaust pipes as well as striking alloy wheels make the Infiniti FX appear even more powerful. Furthermore, an individual interior finish offers even higher comfort.

Powerful SUV-ereign.

The Infiniti FX with aerodynamic parts of Lorinser / The aerodynamic parts designed by Lorinser let your heart beat higher even before you get in the car. Starting at the front bumper with embedded LED-daytime running lights and side skirts. And ending at the rear, topped off with a distinctive rear bumper add-on part with perfectly integrated double end pipes. The precisely fitting body-kit is installed at the serial fastening points. Additional details as the roof wing are topping the sporty overall look.

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